About Us

Notah-Dineh Trading Company was established in 1961 when Bob Leighton moved his business and family from Farmington, New Mexico to Cortez, Colorado. Notah-Dineh first opened on North Broadway in Cortez and 1993 it moved to its current location at 345 West Main.

Bob Leighton and his son Gregg operated Notah-Dineh for over 50 years with the belief that "great Native American art endures and passes from one generation to the next, telling the history of the area and the people who were here before us." This Leighton family belief continues today at Notah-Dineh.

Notah-Dineh is committed to preserving the honor and tradition established through over 50 years of dealing one-on-one with American Indian artists. We believe the quality and pride of craftsmanship is apparent in every item we offer for purchase.

Notah-Dineh specializes in unique Native American art including handmade Navajo rugs, kachinas, sandpaintings, cradle boards, moccasins, beadwork, sculpture, beaded baskets, original artwork, and 14K and sterling silver jewelry. Notah-Dineh also has an outstanding collection of Pueblo pottery, along with Ute and Navajo pottery, from the tiniest collectable miniatures to detailed showpieces of today’s master potters.

Visit our Museum

Opened to the public in 1994, Notah-Dineh Museum features an extensive display of historic American Indian art and artifacts. Antique cradleboards, beaded toys, ceremonial gloves and moccasins, tomahawks, breastplates, pottery, fetishes, woven baskets, kachinas from the 1920's and 1930's, and antique Navajo rugs provide a glimpse into Native American life. The largest known Two Grey Hills weaving is showcased in the museum. Relics of the Old West in the exhibit include antique bits and bridles, beaded leatherwear, fringed dresses and leggings, and historic firearms. The museum is free to the public.

Notah-Dineh's original museum collection was started over 50 years ago, when trading posts served as the commercial and social centers for the reservation.