Navajo Rugs

Contemporary Rugs

Our gallery features the largest collection of Navajo rugs in the Four Corners, such as Two Grey Hills, Ganado Red, Pictorial, Crystal, Chinle, Teec Nos Pos, Yei Be Chei, etc. Each rug is unique to the weaver and categorized in regional styles based on patterns and colors that have come to be identified as that area’s signature design. Traditional Navajo rug weaving is passed down from generation to generation.

Old Rugs

Navajo rugs and blankets were renowned throughout North America for their beauty and utility, being soft, warm, and water resistant from the lanolin in the wool. The weavers used aniline and natural dyes to color the hand carded and hand spun wools. Early Navajo rug weaving designs and yarns changed often throughout the years due to the influence of the Spanish, Mexican and Anglo cultures in the Southwest.